Larry Langley
Officer of the Day - Marines

Born in Harlingen, Texas. After high school, the Marine Military Academy, I enlisted in the Marine Corps. After "Boot Camp", I was sent to NAS Lakehurst, NJ for parachute rigger and ejection seat school. Upon graduation, I transferred to the Fleet Marine Force supporting and supervising all aspects of fixed wing and rotary wing aircrew survival training and flight equipment. 
Early in 1970, I received orders to Vietnam and was assigned to Marine Aircraft Group 11 at the Danang Air Base. I spent the bulk of my combat tour as a combat air crewman dropping high intensity magnesium flares from a DC-3 over nighttime fire fights near the DMZ as well as serving as a tech on Agent Orange application operations. Additionally, during daytime combat support operations, I served as a combat crewman on CH-53 Sea Stallions in various capacities. Upon my return to CONUS, I reenlisted and was assigned to recruiting duty in my home town. After 48 months of recruiting Marine candidates, I was reassigned back into the Fleet Marine Force mostly serving aboard Navy Helicopter Carriers supporting Marine aviators during rescue and survival operations at sea. 
After over 9 years at the end of my second enlistment, I elected to attend Texas A&M University full time on the GI Bill. I was Honorably discharged in July 1977. Among my campaign awards, I was awarded the Air Medal for airborne combat service in Vietnam.
I am 71 years old, fully retired, 100% T&P disabled and I reside with my loyal wife Louise in South Austin.
Larry Langley